To really understand what AuthorWing does for you, watch the complimentary video below.

AuthorWing is an instant, “Done For You”, turn-key solution for authors. The platform is a three-year program that provides a plan, web technology, marketing and advertising. Along the way, we give you customer support and mentoring. Many authors have found the program extremely helpful.

Would You Like To Know The Exact Methods Being Used By Today’s Top-Selling Self-Published Authors?


An amazing world-class author website with your pen name on it!


Click to enlarge and visit this demo site.



The world’s best author website now has a great login dashboard!

(included with your package)

We continually strengthen and improve the author website, and Core Version 1.2.9 has a great login dashboard on the backend that is easy for authors to use. It also has a lot of great features for authors that you won’t find in any other websites in the world.


The new AuthorWing Author Dashboard from Core 1.2.9.





Files storage contains all your important assets and graphics.



Pretty Book Inserts Included

Get the best graphical inserts possible. This promotional graphic is inserted in the front of your books, to promote your free giveaway. AuthorWing gives you the insert as part of the package.




Mailing List Functionality Set Up For You

Why struggle with setting up a mailing list on your own? AuthorWing sets it up for you.



Part of the AuthorWing ‘experience’ is the tutorial section which I, as a beginner, direly needed.

The custom website is stunning, both in its appearance and its functionality. Now that’s what the visitor sees; but I, as the owner, am able to look at all the impressive aspects of the dashboard. I’m amazed at the tracking ability and the demographics that are displayed, the maps showing my visitors, the way that I’m able to craft my blog posts and the list goes on and on. One of the most incredible features is the retargeted ads. People who visit my site will continue to see my site everywhere else on the web via ads that show up while they browse.

People who visit my site are given the option to join my mailing list and receive a free download for doing so. That was advised to me by AuthorWing in order to build a relationship with people who are my intended audience of loyal readers. I would never have thought to do that.

Each day I’m happier with the results of what AuthorWing has provided for me.

Les Farley


AuthorWing and David Lieder have been very helpful so far. I’m glad I found them.

Simon Hardman Lea

Author, Doctor

Publishing professionally is about building a readership and a long-term, decent-paying writing career. There are many hundreds of thousands of US authors publishing books each year, both traditionally published and indie. Only a few fortunate thousand from among them will end up earning a living solely from their art. AuthorWing levels the playing field so an author has everything they need to have a chance.

Data Guy

Author Earnings

I’ve looked and can say from experience that AuthorWing is the only company that takes care of so much at once for authors. We should be thankful that this option is available.

Sarah Kleo

Author / Internet Marketer

It’s been great to see my sales increase with AuthorWing’s help. The services are more helpful than I had originally imagined, and cover a lot of areas. I highly recommend AuthorWing to anyone interested in advancing their writing career.

Jen Slater



With AuthorWing, you can focus on writing.


You’ll finish your next three novels with a smile on your face and extra time for your family.

AuthorWing takes care of a lot of the pieces for you.

Meanwhile, other authors will struggle trying to do it all themselves. Don’t be like them. They will be years behind because they don’t have AuthorWing.







Would you like to
focus on writing?


While other authors struggle with marketing and web tech, our authors at AuthorWing are finishing their next three books.

Choose a package:


Call us in the U.S. at +1 (646) 389-9566.

Or email us your questions at

If you have not yet watched the video at the top of this page, please watch it, as it will answer many of your questions.

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